Thursday, March 6, 2008

jipped jillian

Mags turned me onto project runway last season. Last night was the season finale, and sadly I was dissappointed that Jillian didn't win. She was my favorite most of the season. So sad that I obsess over such trivial things...but I can admit it. So Mags...who was your fave. (these are a few pictures...I loved these... from Jillian's collection)


Mags said...

Jillian for sure! That jacket is awesome and I loved the cocktail dress. Chris March cause made me laugh and he was so creative, I mean who can make human hair actually look good. It's disgusting, but so creative. I was mesmerized by the show and so annoyed with posh. she was gunnin for christian. And some of Rami's clothes were really beautiful.

bec said...

i wanted jillian the whole season. her clothes were so wearable. chic and new

Mags said...

i tagged you. sorry. see my blog.