Sunday, May 9, 2010

reunited and it feels so good!


to know her is to love her. 3 years was way too long sista...honestly what where we thinking. five short days in alaska with my besty. it was fab. eating....lots and lots, great conversation, and alaska wasn't too bad either. the two pictures of just satch were taken at 10pm people!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

brother fausett and sister fausett

i have to savor these pictures, because i think it is the most reverent i have ever seen kenyon. he really got into his halloween costume. for our ward halloween party, we went as a nun and a monk (with four kids). kenyon gave himself a mustache (does anyone like mustaches?....nasty) we were running a little late, and satch was taking his sweet time...kenyon started getting mad at him, telling him to hurry up, i about died laughing. he looked hilarious trying to be serious in his ridiculousness. we were a big hit with the sister all around. i told them they could tell their families they baptized us.

Friday, August 21, 2009

so many little time

busiest summer yet...but i'm still sad school started.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break 09

A "Willy-Nap" on the road.

For Spring Break this year, we decided to take a rode trip around our historically and geolically packed state. We went with two of our favorite families in ABQ. Thanks Snells and Lows, we had a great time.
Although Carlsbad Caverns are the first pictures...they were our last stop. The twins have been talking about going there for over a year, so they were really excited.

It was about 45 degrees and really windy at White Sands. Luckily Kenyon brought some kites...he's a thinker...they were a hit. The kids figured out that if they wore goggles, the sand wouldn't get in their eyes while they were sledding.

The Catwalk was one of the most incredable hikes I have ever been on. It was first built as a pipe-line for a mining town in the mountains, and then the CCC rebuilt is as a State Park. It is a canyon full of giant bolders with a large stream running through it. There are tons a waterfalls that are crossed by metal bridges. Some of them hug the canyon wall and some of them cross over the waterfalls. The kids loved it.

Just about my favorite part of the trip was this little ghost town named Mogollon. It was an old gold and silver mining town in the late 1800's to early 1900's. To get there we had to cross over a mountain. Very steep switch-backs up and back down the other side of the mountain on a one lane road with no guard rails, and very steep drop-offs. We went with two other families from ABQ. If you were afraid of heights...this was a tense drive. Adam...a friend of Satch and Em's was actually in tears and shouted out "save me Jesus!"

Stop for was tornado-like conditions most of the trip. Good old NM in the spring.

This picture with the antelope in it is the VLA or Very Large Array....very straightforward. If any of you have seen contact, these are the radio satellites in that movie. There is a huge prairie basin where they are located. The satellites themselves are around 90 ft in diameter. They are huge. And it is a little "otherwordly" to come over a hill and see all of these big white dishes in rows. On our way back to the main road from the visitors center this herd of antelope crossed the road in front of us (most of them had that what they are called on antelope?)Although I came inches from slamming into a cow... I was very careful around the antelope. Last year I ran full force into a deer, and although I thought I would be traumatized, it was actually kind of exhilarating (is that sick or what....i know.) So now when I see an animal on the road I have to stop myself...except for animals smaller than a dog...I still swerve for them. What is wrong with me? Just a little side note:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

i've been wanting to take my parents to this awesome volcano west of here for two years now. it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there so i always felt like our company had driven far enough....but mom and dad were good sports. while it was nice and 70 degrees at home, the volcano was a little cooler and super windy. the view is one of a kind though...hopefully mom and dad thought it was worth it too.