Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wolf Creek

Some friends of ours invited us to go skiing in Colorado over the weekend. I havn't skiied since I was in grade school. I remember two teenage boys called me a pink marshmellow because of my giant pink was devastating. Anywho, we had a great time, thanks Burrups! Wren was such a good sport...hanging out at the wolf pup ski school lodge all day. She ventured out a few times on the back pack but was a little blinded by all the whiteness.

Satch and Em head down the slopes. In this picture their instructer told them to howl like wolves. I of course was the helicopter parent there to catch the moment.

Willy was too young for ski school, so Kenyon harnessed him in and spent all day with him. Will was a mini-me of Kenyon and loved spending time with him. I told Ken I wished he could see Will's perma-grin every time I saw him coming down the hill. He would bend over, hold his knees (as directed by Kenyon) and every once in a while jump up. You know Will can't just go straight down the hill...he's got to make it exciting. Kenyon said Will would try to fall because he thought it was funny when Kenyon would pull him up with the harness.

Will enjoys a little lunch he put together himself. Hot chocolate soup with teddy grahams and goldfish...yummy?

Catching snowflakes. Willy laughed his head off everytime they got on the lift.

I don't think Willy realized Kenyon was behind him keeping him from face planting in the snow. He definately thought he was awesome.


gabegen said...

cute family. willy's a little daredevil.

shanrita said...

Keep doing family things. I wish we had done more when our kids were little!

Scott and Haley said...

The picture of Satch and Emmy is a flash back to Ben and me at Hespress! Looks like it was a blast.

Ben and Sarah said...


Your kids are so awesome. we cant get over how cute wren is. She is gettin chubby. We miss you guys. Hey can you take my sunday shirt and pants to monticello next time you go up. I left them in satch's closet.

gabegen said...


You're too kind. It would never work out, I'd have to be 3 inches taller and 20 lbs thinner, eww, besides who'd want to live that life style anyways? Not me, I couldn't live the fast paste life, I'm a little slower, haha.

I know your family is in Utah, and if you ever come and have an hour or two, me, gabe and the kids would drive out to take you guys out to lunch. I would just love to chat and see the fausett bunch. But that's only if you can, I know how it is when visiting family :)

Mags said...

ski bums and beach bums! love em and satch in goggles, and i'm bettin' fearless will has lots of broken arms in his future, makes for a fun childhood! seriously wren is so freaking cute it is painful i can't squish her!

jenae nae said...

WHat in the world? i want to just suck little Wrens cheeks - yummy- your kids are so cute- so i guess you got called a pink marshmallow- at least you weren't a pink buffalo, or hippo or....maybe a pink snuffalufagus? you know you love me??!!

Jessie's Jargon said...

I still can't believe that you have four kids and they are getting so old! It looks like your trip was awesome. Speaking of snowlifts... I was down on the Monticello snowlift road last weekend. Talk about fun times on that sledding hill. I wrote about it on my blog.