Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas 2007

So we spent Christmas this year at home. We had planned on going to Monticello, but Satch and Em really wanted to stay here. It actually was kind of nice...really layed back. Ken's been traveling so much with work, that is was really nice to just hang out with him. We got a big suprise from Santa this year. The kids have been begging for a pet (we are not really pet people) but we thought we'd try it out. They named their guiniue pig "Oreo", and Emmy tells me she is its mother. So far she has been a really easy pet. Not stench yet...I'll keep you posted.


Mags said...

Hooray you're Bloggin'! I am very glad you have started one so now I can check up on you and make sure you are living right. he he

King Family said...

go trisdan! I hate having pets...we have a dog, and I am done.